About Zephirus

free-international-business-essaysZephirus Business Consultants is a proudly Hellenic owned, privately held company, known for delivering high value IT services and solutions. Zephirus approach combines the best of the two worlds of innovative management inside the core of Information and Communication technology. 

Zephirus is a full scale IT Service Provider with solutions and services along the entire value chain from consulting to operations. We provide IT expertise and deliver efficient solutions in a wide range of industries.

Companies must be able to access information, adopt new ideas on time and understand how revolutionary technologies and investment opportunities who are able to enhance productivity and provide value. Depending on your business needs we can deliver targeted change or longer term business optimization.

But most important, we translate technology and new  infrastructure design in your business language and help you reduce complexity, become familiar, with the latest trends, to effectively listen your thoughts and answer your questions.

We reinvent the way of doing business, bringing you breakthrough services and solutions that are able to completely transform your business model.


Fully qualified consulting teams provide high quality Enterprise IT solutions and services 24x7x365

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